Buying a gift is normally a lot harder than it looks. When you are looking towards buying something good, it is best to go for something you can personalise to make it more thoughtful. Check out the photo clocks available online for occasions such as these.

One of the best parts about having a party or a birthday is getting many gifts from your loved ones. However, not all of them might be things that you really need in your home. One of the best parts about receiving gifts is the thoughtfulness that is behind each.

If you are looking to bring this aspect out without having to worry about the way the gift looks, then personalised gifts are the way to go. From mugs, pens, cushions and more, the new fad is clocks. Designing your own personalized wall clocks adds a whole lot of personality to your walls.

Here are a few occasions where a personalised clock can be the perfect gift:

  • Birthdays

If you want a special occasion to get a personalised clock, birthdays are your best bet. With photos and special cards being the norm, a photo clock will not only help break the monotony but will help with the décor of the home. And the best part is that you do not have to go for a clock with the picture of the birthday boy/birthday girls.

You can also make personalised photo clocks of something they are really interested or passionate about such as a book, TV show, art and a whole lot more. There are many sites like Perfico that offer these personalised products for you to browse from.

  • Anniversaries

With the house being full of family photos, it is not rare to find a photo of a couple handing around somewhere. However, there are many couples who put up photos of their loved ones around the house without concentrating on themselves. In this case, a photo clock is the perfect gift for an anniversary! You can select any special pictures of the couple and create a lovely clock that they will cherish forever. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

  • New-borns

Creating a picture book of the new-born is a tradition that is followed by many. However, if you want to get away from this familiar gift and do something more personal, personalised photo wall clocks are a great option for you. Now the baby will always be in everyone’s minds and with a sweet souvenir to look at as well!

  • Farewell

Saying goodbye to a workplace can be quite stressful and sad. Moreover, saying goodbye to a colleague can be worse because you know you will miss them every day. This is why a personalised clock is a great gift to give to your departing colleague. It will remind them of the best days at work and all the friends they have made there as well.

  • Make any farewell special with a cool photo clock!

These are some of the occasions in which you can add a personal touch to your gifts with these personalized gifts .Apart from these special days, you can also buy them for weddings, thank you gifts and more. In case you want a complete set, you can also opt for personalised pillows/cushions, mugs and a whole lot more!

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